One day trip to Euskadi ! We caught our sound ingeneer in Irun, then we slept in the van, near a beach of San Sebastian . . .
More cerveza ?


We met the people of " DUT " for our first gig in the "Puy" .

Top class !
More marijuana ?


The " Kafe antzokia" is a very beautiful theatre ! ! !
We were really impressed by this place : the boss was a nice man with a perfect french speaking !


We don't have any pictures of this theatre because we did really enjoy the night, and so we were too drunk to deal with our cameras !!!
Anyway, everybody was happy to play with so many audience, and the DUT performance on stage was terrific !

You are the masters of noise guys !


Dut sound check


DUT in Vittoria-Gasteiz


No more sun but we were so happy to play in Gorliz the night after :   here is the " Xurrut ". . .


al xurrut !