, the drummer, still goes on with his electro band Captain K.Verne , with Ben, drummer of Cornu !
maybe an album for the year 2002 . . .

Uriah Heep

7 hate did contact him to play drums on their next tour !
No machines, no vocals, only hell drums !!!

A solo and roots side project : DUSS

( Atari + sampler) the song "Khamsin" for a split 7 with Fragile ( ex Hint) , available at "Another war Another peace " (001).
Limited edition with a beautiful serigraphied cover !
Order it for 4 Euros

El planté dé bâton !


  Fabien, the bass player, still work as a sound ingeneer.
And he plays with Skual System from Blois, an original trio (2 bass - 1 drums !



Lionel the guitar player, wants to
For more ufos :

His website 4U2C


  Ian, the sound ingeneer, still works in the city of Poitiers and has found his old guitar to play in a performers band !