No more PBB gigs . . .

We've been touring for 10 years now, playing in clubs, pubs, squatts, concerts halls, festivals ... in Europe & Québec.
But we've never got in touch with any foreign label, that would have helped us to do many gigs out of France.
Touring as far as possible was our aim, that's why we've decided to split the band after the 2001 tour . . .

Anyway ! Life goes on for everyone and many thanx to every people we met on the road !


Crash Records will really release the movie !

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For any Crash records Crash Products (PBB's label) products !

Europe tour 1995One month tour in the east parts of Europe 1995 . . . a great experience for us !

The first PBB EP on écoute ? for free in MP3 !!!


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More Ufos about Ah ! les ragots ! members of ex PBB. . .



nuit allemande !